Did Harley's located at 244 North Water Street in Milwaukee change it's name to HH Clothing Company to hide the fact that they defrauded customers under their former name Harleys?

Please read all the way to the bottom so you can see what another victim of Harley's said.

Bad Check from Harley's Menswear in Milwaukee's Third Ward

I have filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office and the Shorewood Police Department about a bad check my family received from Harley's, formerly known as Harleys: Modern Man on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood, now know as Harleys: HH Clothing Company in Milwaukee's Third Ward. In all they cheated us out of thousands of dollars.

I am sad that this is the way 30 years of goodwill has ended. The problems started before Tim Ryan sold the business to Dan Wichman who also owns the Haberdasher in Green Bay on March 31, 2017. Dan Wichman renamed the store Harleys: Modern Man. For months they've ignored our request that they make good on a $150 bad check given to us to have another tailor try to fix one of their mistakes on one of our suits.

Apparently they sent the wrong measurements to their new manufacturer in China (after they parted company with Zegna) that made suits that don't fit and we have not received a refund.

Jeff Brand was our salesman and when we brought one of the suits in to have the tailor at Harley's attempt to fix it the tailor at Harleys said the suit should never have been delivered.

Avoid Harley's Menswear on Water Street in Milwaukee's Third Ward

When Harleys, now known as HH Clothing Company or Harleys: Modern Man, delivered a made in China suit to me recently, the right lapel was wavy, but I was told by the salesman that it would just have to be pressed out, which they did at the store, but the wave came back later.

I took the suit to Mark Berman and Son. They said the lapel was not just wavy, the suit was made defectively and they could not fix it. I then took the suit to Mark Pasch Ltd and for $77 they fixed it.

I sent the bill to Dan Wichman the new owner and asked him to pay the $77.  I assume he went to a very smart lawyer at Godfrey and Kahn who told him to pay the $77 and take your customer to lunch and try to get back on track. But that's not what happened.  I got a letter saying Wichman would not pay. Now I did not hear the conversation between Wichman and the Lawyer, so I'm just assuming he was a very smart lawyer, but sometimes I'm wrong.

My advice is to never do business with Harley's Menswear in Milwaukee or the Haberdasher Men's Store in Green Bay.  If you do my advice is don't pay them a nickel until you get everything you are paying for and make sure it fits.

Added February 2018

Experience of Another Victim Who Did Not Want To Be Named

Thank you for this. I had my own issues with Harley's several years ago. I have purchased seven (7) custom men's suits over the years from Harley's. I was told that the reason why I would pay up to $2000 a suit was because of not only the fabric but the fine Italian and European tailoring. In fact my suit jackets had "Made in Italy" sown into the neckline. When I lost a few pound I took the jackets into Mark Berman & Son and they showed me the internal labeling of the jacket (and jackets that I would eventually bring in) showing that in fact the suits were made in China and in two cases Canada. I confronted Tim and the Harley's crew and they were embarrassed and offered to help me out on the next suit. Something I have yet to take advantage of because of the soured relationship. Thank you for this PSA!!

Comment: I don't think they were embarrassed by anything but being caught.

UPDATE: When Harleys lease was up in November 2019 it moved from the fashionable East Side to a dumpy building in the Third Ward. I don't know if the reason is because other customers were cheated and won't go back – I don't know, I'm just saying. The store is now managed by a former underling salesman at Harley's.